The School of Biomedical Informatics ePortfolio system is powered by Mahara. This eportfolio system is useful to document student learning outcomes and is strictly for students’ academic use. A portfolio is a collection of artifacts that demonstrate student learning accomplishments.  For example, students can save projects and papers from the courses they take while in an SBMI program, and share with their instructors or others given permission to access their portfolio.  SBMI Mahara is integrated with SBMI Moodle so students can export files from any course in Moodle into a portfolio.

Course instructors can use the ePortfolio system to assess student learning by giving a “Mahara Portfolio” assignment to students in which students can submit page(s) using various artifacts to demonstrate their learning. Grades can be assigned to a portfolio just like other assignments.

The eportfolios can be exported in LEAP2A format and imported into other compatible systems so students can continue to use what they create in SBMI Mahara for employment or other career purposes.

The ePortfolios will be in use starting Spring 2013 semester. For technical support or general help, contact the SBMI Distance Education team at DE@uth.tmc.edu